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Create a pleasant environment for both customers and your staff

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This new OLEFINI ON-OFF Air Conditioner has stylish panel design which creates a simplicity and sophistication that enhances any interior space.


The Olefini Air Conditioners are designed to provide comfort environment and easy use to the end customer. Some  of the basic characteristics are:

  • Low Noise
  • Slim Design
  • Class A energy rating
  • AC ON-OFF Air Conditioner uses  R410 A refrigerant which belongs to HFC element Group (friendly for the environment as far as OZON layer)

Characteristics Features :


* Led Screen  * Turbo Mode  * Sleep Mode  * Japanese Compressor

* Dust Filter  * Vitamine C Filter  * Temperature Difference Elimination

* Internal Threaded Copper Pipes  * Slim Design  * Anti-Oxidation Design

* Hydrophillic Fins  * Low Voltage Start Up  * Heat Pump  * LCD Display

*Air Distribution Technology  * Program Memory  * Timer  * Mould Protection

* Quite Operation  * Automatic Defrost  * Multi Folds Evaporator  * Ionizer

* Dry Mode  * Automatic Restart  *Cold Catalystic Filter  *Low Noise Fan

*Air Louver Adjustment  *Self Diagnosis  *Pre-Heat  *Anti-oxidation Design



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